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About Us

Capital City Waste Services (CCWS) is a market leader in the provision of sustainable waste management solutions tailored made to our clients' requirements, covering waste and recycling solutions.

CCWS was established in 2009. During this time, CCWS has quickly grown to become a preferred supplier to the NSW Government.

CCWS offers a broad range of waste and recycling programs designed to capture and recycle a wide range of commodities and materials within the waste stream.

These include:

  • Collection and recycling of industrial waste
  • Recycling recovery
  • Equipment supplies
  • Secure confidential shredding

CCWS is committed to our clients, and we offer solutions for all forms of waste.

Our team of dedicated staff have extensive knowledge of the waste industry and will assist you by providing you with a waste audit.

This audit will show you the most cost effective way of diverting waste from landfill, giving you the best value for your budget.

For more information or a no obligation free waste evaluation, contact us on (02) 9599 9999 or send us an email enquiry.